Jose Arturo Tapia is a senior speech communication major and music minor at St. Mary’s University. He has a passion for entertainment and is involved with the St. Mary’s Chapel Choir, Concert Choir and Jazz Combo. Tapia worked with Telemundo, an American Spanish language television network, editing public service announcements from the Ad Counsel. He worked for their promotions team for two years and is happy with the experience gained in shooting and editing film.

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Tapia resides in San Antonio and is fluent in Spanish and English. His father, who owns a professional clown business, taught him how to manage a business and interact with customers in a positive way, as well as the art of balloon making.

Tapia aspires to be a motivational speaker and entertainer who serves through the ministry of music, and is willing to go where ever God calls him to be.

Jose Arturo Tapia Villaseñor Resume